About Earl

Why I Blog

What I’ve set out to do here is to share as many possible resources for you to learn about residential demolition, commercial demolition, excavation services, swimming pool removal, construction site preparation and site clearing both commercial and residential as possible.

I figured if it was something I needed to research so long and hard prior to trying to find and hire my contractor to do the demolition service I needed this past summer, possibly one or two other people around town would find the information I’ve gathered to be helpful to them too.

My Story

How it happened is pretty normal stuff. No amazing stories here. I had an old barn on the back of my property that was totally falling down around my ears! It was an eyesore … a blight upon the land … well, and the wife kept nagging that it was so dang ugly!


So I go on the internet to research the things I need to look for in a working to demolish this old, crappy building for me and I find … a lot of nothing! I did find an old article here, and some salty tales there, but there was no definitive source for me with the answers I needed. So, here we are! I just made that source for you! I sure hope it helps.

There is really nothing more stressful than wanting to find the best demolition contractor and not knowing the first question to ask. So now you have a place you can come and find out … I even give you a whole list of things to look for and look out for when you need this kind of service. If you have deeper questions than what I’ve answered here, feel free to reach out HERE.

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